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If you can dream it, we can draw it. Any style. Any size.


The beauty of traditional tattoos is that they can be designed around any idea you have - what ever you are in to - roses, animals, daggers, cooking, family, movies, motorcycles, sport. Pretty much anything you can think of, its possible to design something!


With script tattoos, choose something simple for smaller tattoos. You can go more elaborate and detailed for larger designs. Generally speaking, it is best to avoid very small lettering due to the aging process.

New Skool

New Skool is similar to traditional tattoos in that they can be made to work for virtually anything. However, they have their own particular style and are usually less basic than traditional style tattoos.


We are experienced at Polynesian and New Zealand style designs and although these are frequently freehand tattoos, smaller designs can be stencilled. Just an idea of the style you like is enough for us to create something amazing!


Japanese tattoos oftem have symbolism pertinent to the wearer. It is advisable to research the meaning of your design if this is an important aspect of your tattoo.


Realism designs are usually done from an actual photo of a person, animal or object at least in part. We can then add other design elements (either realistic or not) to create something fantastic to fit where you would like your tattoo.

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Our Shop

Skinworks Tattoo strives towards running an attitude free environment, and to strike a balance between a professional outfit and a relaxed environment where people can ask for what they want. We encourage your input into the design of your tattoo. And, always provide honest, straight-forward, professional advise about the intricacies of designing your tattoo including what will and won’t work.

How We Work

A lot of what we do here is either custom drawn or freehand designed tattoos so if you don’t see what you like on our website or Facebook page please ask us about what you would like.

We offer a free consultation service for appointments for people with complex tattoo ideas – this is an obligation free service!

And, we pride ourselves on a very clean shop – we are of course Health Department Approved and Licensed.

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Our Artists




I’m Doug and I am the owner of Skinworks. I’ve been a full time tattoo artist since arriving in Australia from the UK in 2007.

I worked part time learning tattooing in a suburb of South East London prior to this for a few years under Mick Narborough and his wife Lorna to whom I am forever grateful.

My first few years in Australia were spent in Adelaide where I really developed alongside some amazing and more experienced artists. I enjoy the craft more than ever and you will find I am always willing and happy to help you to achieve your tattoo concepts.

The consult process will involve honest, straightforward advice and guidance to achieve the best result. I am diverse and can turn my hand to most styles’ thanks mostly to the length of time spent working in traditional high street style tattoo shops.

My focus is you, the customer, and I will strive to serve you well with great art and a positive attitude. Come in and have a chat if you are looking to get something designed.

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Tattoo Artist

I started my apprenticeship with Skinworks Tattoo under mentor Doug Mynn in August of 2017.

Now, as a fully qualified professional tattoo artist, I am versatile in a wide range of tattoo styles and flexible adapting to my client’s needs. I prefer American Traditional, Neo Traditional, Japanese, and New School styles, but am not limited to them.

I draw inspiration from the world around me, particularly animals, nature and anything pop culture related. While well versed in both black and grey and colour tattoos I prefer to tattoo colour work.

And, I enjoy working with people to bring their designs to life.

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Tattoo Artist

Hi my name is Dylan and I’m a Tattoo Artist at Skinworks Tattoo. Its probably too early to say I have a preferred style but I am drawn to black and grey, semi realistic style when I tattoo or design tattoos, however, I’m open and keen to try anything within my skill set.

I’ve been around tattooed people my whole life and I’ve always wanted to do this job – I love the idea of growing to become the best tattoo artist I can be.  I can be quiet but I’m a friendly person and I love my job.

I always want to do my 100% best for all my clients so please come in let me design something cool for you.

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Common Questions

Home Care

Your tattoo should heal completely within two weeks. Avoid soaking, so no swimming or baths. Showers are fine. Avoid prolonged sunlight. Keep it clean and don't scratch it.

Getting Home

Remove the covering after one hour. Wash the tattoo with warm soapy water using liquid soap. Make sure you wash using your clean hands only – no sponge or washer. Pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel. Apply the aftercare cream SPARINGLY. Apply cream twice daily for 3-4 days and then once a day after that for a week.


It's completely normal for your skin to flake after about a week. This is normal and no cause for concern. If you have any questions or issues, please contact the shop, or even better, pop in and see us.

Competitive Pricing

We have extremely competitive prices that are transparent and fair, based on time spent creating your tattoo.

Follow-up Service

We offer a comprehensive follow up service to ensure you are happy once your tattoo has healed.

Dr Pickles

We are a proud supporter of Dr Pickles after care products.

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  • Massive shout out to Doug for his help with my two tattoos. One for my Dad and one for my sister, so both very personal. Doug took time to really talk to me about the design, placement and the colour of each and I’m so pleased with the changes he recommended. He also listened to me and my thoughts as well and a compromise was worked out that made us both happy. Both ended up better than imagined. Lisa Warlow
  • Got my indigenous piece on my left outer calf by Doug. This guy is amazing. Matty designed it perfectly and Doug executed it better than I could ever imagine. Also did touch ups on others. A full day in the chair at Skinworks = money well spent. Jason Mole
  • Thanks Doug for the amazing cover up work, I can honestly say it has turned out even better than I imagined. I came in with one design and left with something completely different and an amazing result. Thanks again and I'll see you again soon for sure. Dave Whitbread

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